After all the discussion recently about Facebook's changes and how much we all dislike it, the time has come to announce the next big thing in Smart Bitches: BITCHSTER! Yup, that's right. We have our own social network, filled with all the stuff you like, and none of the stuff you don't.

You'll hear from the people you want to hear from.
NO, really. If you like a page or friend a person, you'll see what they say. IT IS LIKE MAGIC I TELL YOU. The only thing better would be picking up the phone to actually call them.

Frequent updates
You can poke people into posting hourly! They will feel an actual phantom poke reminding them that their Bitchsters are waiting (where permitted by applicable law).

Fraud Alert
As suggested by @VelocibadgerGRL, all entries will be automatically filtered and checked against Snopes before posting. You're welcome.

Book Release Updates
When you join Bitchster, your profile will ask you to identify the genres and authors you like. Every week, you'll see a collection of the brand-new books in your preferred genres by authors you love, linked to the retailer of your choice. You'll never miss a book release again.

Ready to see it? Have a look!

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